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Saturday, March 31, 2012


This weekend is the One of a Kinda Show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto and I had the pleasure of cruising the hall last night. I always love going to the OOAKS because you really see the hard working and talented artisans active today. The show has so much variety, you'll likely be surprised with a few things you find and enjoy! Here's some of my favourites of the event. 

Cori Lee Marvin, Preserved Light 

 My favourite artist of the show was Cori Lee Marvin. This watercolourist is a true master of her craft. I purchased a card print of the painting above and I'm just in love with it. Watercolour and Mason Jars, how can you not? Cori Lee has some pretty unique compositions, playing with fun animal expressions and situations. The humourous settings will catch your eye, but the talent will truly hold you attention.

Daina Deblette Scarola, 2012

My second favourite artist of the show was Daina Deblette Scarola. Her 6" x 6" canvas works were my show gems. I love smaller works of art for their compact size and instant punch! They prove that you don't need extreme sizes to create an impact on an audience. They're also extremely easy in transportation. Daina's paintings are mostly of surf scenes and lovely chroma rich sunsets.

Bike Wine Rack  by Jesse Herbert

This bicycle wine rack was one of the most innovative creations I saw at OOAKS. Jesse Herbert is the creator out of Montreal with this wonderful invention. I could see many, many hipsters of Toronto strapping this rack on their eco-friendly bikes this summer and why not? This is fun and practical. Great idea Jesse. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chroma Artist Spotlight: Josef Albers

As a visual artist I am constantly looking for new inspirational approaches to painting. Innovation and exploration truly pioneer the way for future generations of artists and designers. It's pretty much impossible to talk about colour and not mention artist and art educator, Josef Albers. German born, Albers was thee front runner in colour theory development in the 20th century. His teachings of colour relationships and interactions can be seen in every aspect of design and art today. His book, Interaction of Colour, has been a favourite of mine since studying fine art and is must read for any Chroma enthusiast.

"In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is - as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art." - Josef Albers

Here are a few of his experiments with coloured paper from the text. 
Transparence and space-illusion

Reversed grounds

Chroma on Queen

Sometimes window shopping soothes the soul. Especially when it's on Queen West. Here's some bold items I stumbled on while taking a trek from Ossington to Bathurst. 
Even the sign is deliciously orange

Vintage Typewriter at a bookstore

Playful sculptures by Sandro Girard at Quasi Modo

Neon Love in a window display.

Urbanbarn Laughing Buddha, I need this.

ChairOne, should be renamed the Mochair

Colourful watch window display.

YELLOW! its a Diesel book cover


I recently attended the Interior Design Show '12 in Toronto.
Two most memorial chroma rich pieces are as follows!

The Spider Phoebe Leisure Chair by Limitless. 
This chair instantly freaked me out a little because of it's resemblance to a spider, however, the colour just screamed "I'm a fun spider!", I had to take a seat on it. It was surprisingly comfortable and body fitting. A definite focal point in a room, I could see this chair as the future book lover's dream.

Obviously they would be reading from an Ipadkoboereader device.

Check out the spec sheet here.

Silk Orchid Rugs by Elte
I'm new to the world of fine rugs, but I knew when I touched this silk orchid rug by Elte, I was touching something extremely special. These rugs are are made from vintage sari dresses by recycling the silk
Amazing brilliance in artistry and hue! 


Hi everyone!

I'd like to you welcome you to my Collecting Chroma blog! First time blogger here and I'm excited to explore the addiction that is blogging!! I am a Visual Artist and a current Interior Decorating student and if I were to pinpoint my design motto and infatuation it would undeniably be COLOUR! As much as I love my achromatic schemes, there is just something too satisfying in a bright palette or punchy accent. So join me as I shed some light on chromatic collection of interests.